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Amber's White Light (AWL) supports research and implementation of research into complex mental illness and suicide prevention, for teenagers and young adults, especially young women.


AWL aims to achieve best practice in support and treatment for young people and their families.


Our Mission

'Carry Forward Your White Light'

By Amber Wraith, For Amber Wraith

(For your soul, spirit, identification of self and way out. This is a passage from the experience of life. The writing could not be more subjective, unique, and individual. I encourage you to ask questions about the ideas, and argue your opinion.)

Darling, you are suffering. But your words, are stronger than walls. Darling I know you are suffering, but you soul is too abstract for words. Darling, you know that I’m watching, and your walls are only mine to break through. Darling, I know that I’m watching, and I know, that we will make it through.

You are wonderful, you are everything you’ve dreamed of, your spirit drifts higher each hour. You are actualised, you are indescribable, unanswerable and undeterred. Gorgeous, you are sunshine, you are rain in a drought you are the wind that carries away any doubt. Gorgeous, you are tranquil and sublime, and you and I can share this whole world. What’s within you, grows without you, what happens around you affects within you. You are fragile, yes, but strong winds bring new seeds to plant trees in your space. Let these trees grow. Please, don’t cut them down, let them prosperously sprout from the ground. Let them grow, because there’s so much you don’t know, let nature teach you from down below.

Amber, you have words deep inside you, and no one but us needs to know. Amber, you have concepts you’ve dreamed of and just for once, now, let them grow. Let us grow, together. In harmony together, side by side, all at once, in duo. Please let us grow. Let me stand right beside you and hold you hand under the snow.

Because I see you. I see, you. I’m the first one to really have ever known. The true you, the scared and afraid you, the one who hides shyly behind the clouds. The real you, I see you, the tender kind loved you, the innocent light brown haired girl. The child you, the eyes are still young you, the one who isn’t far from the ground. I see you. I’m near you, always. I’ll get you through any dark and drought. I need you; I see you and need you, repeatedly, often, without doubt.

You’re important, this real you, under shrouds of clouds and thick winter full of fog. I breathe you, I need you, hear you, see you. We can do this, but I need you right now. So come out. Please, come up into sunshine, up through the rain and the doubt. Please it’s safe; to come out, climb out, scamper out from that cave you have found. No one should have to live like this. Not you, not you. Your rhythm and beat, your sound can be heard by these crowds. I won’t steal you, or ridicule you, I will gently softly ease you through danger frustration and doubt.

Who gave you the words? Who else brought the storm to your garden? We might not know, but we’re not far from and state of mind that’s more at ease. We aren’t far from, a home of warmth safety and inclusion, where you soul can really be at peace. We are not far, from your inner sanctuary, a stable homely friendly state of mind. You aren’t far, lay your fears down beside you, and step just one toe at a time. You’re not far, and though I’m not there to guide you, know you’ll make it, because you’re your own star.

We won’t be far, never too far to hold you, never too far to make you feel known. We won’t be far, with our hands here to hold you, and carry forward your white light up from the ground.

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